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If I feel inspired–or I am asked to–I give public talks to meetups or conferences. I wrote a post about preparing my first conference talk.

Here’s a few recording.

How do you measure retrospectives success?

Retros (Retrospectives) should be a core practice for any team - but do you have a way to measure how successful they are?

Structured Agile Retrospectives

Enrico discusses ways in which to run a retro if you have too many problems with external causes, or if you are working with a team that does not know each other yet.

RubyConf AU 2016: Build and maintain large Ruby applications

This presentation will be about the challenges of building large Ruby web applications and how to maintain existing ones.

Feature Flagging with Ruby on Rails Engines


Enrico Teotti

agile coach, facilitator with an 18 years background in development and product management across Europe, Australia and the US.

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