When working on component based Rails applications you create a dependency hierarchy of local engines.

Let’s say you have an admin_ui engine and a public_ui engine and they both depend on a domain_logic engine.

TL;DR add bundler’s undocumented path 'components' at the top of your Gemfile and it will recursively require gemspecs and you won’t need to add path individually for each gem anymore.

You would imagine that adding to the main application:

gem 'admin_ui', path: 'components/admin_ui'
gem 'public_ui', path: 'components/public_ui'

should be sufficient. But you’d be in for a surprise, when you run bundle:

$ bundle
Resolving dependencies...
Could not find gem 'domain_logic (>= 0) ruby', which is required by gem 'admin_ui (>= 0) ruby', in any of the sources.

the reason for this error is that admin_ui is trying to bring in its dependency domain_logic but its unable to find its sources.

The solution I have been using so far is to include the domain_logic local path in the main application Gemfile like this:

gem 'admin_ui', path: 'components/admin_ui'
gem 'public_ui', path: 'components/public_ui'

gem 'domain_logic', path: 'components/domain_logic'

When you have a more complex application this approach means you are flattening your dependency tree in the top level application. I think and it’s far from intuitive or maintainable.

In an ideal world

Bundler should offer a directive such as:

path 'components'

and I guess Christmas came earlier this year because… it does!

By adding that path bundler will use that path to resolve dependencies:

Using domain_logic 0.0.1 from source at components
Using admin_ui 0.0.1 from source at components
Installing coffee-script-source 1.8.0
Installing execjs 2.2.2
Installing coffee-script 2.3.0
Installing coffee-rails 4.0.1
Installing jbuilder 2.2.5
Installing jquery-rails 3.1.2
Using public_ui 0.0.1 from source at components

Your main application Gemfile doesn’t need the path on its top level dependencies now looking like this:

gem 'admin_ui'
gem 'public_ui'

and the admin_ui/Gemfile doesn’t even need to specify the path for domain_logic.

EDIT: it’s better to avoid a global source that could collide with other gems present on gemservers. Instead use a block to wrap your components:

path 'components' do
  gem 'admin_ui'
  gem 'public_ui'

Components Gemfile

When you test in isolation your components bundler won’t be able to find the local gem.

We can now take advantage of this path directive in the component Gemfile:

path '../'

to avoid specifing local paths of depencies already specified in the gemspec.


I run in to path while looking at the bundler source code to add the same feature. When talking with Terence he didn’t mentioned it and it’s not in Bundler documentation or site either so I’ll clarify with him if it’s a supported feature.

UPDATE: looks like it is supported there was an issue open to document this I’ve submitted a patch to the docs.

UPDATE [19 Jan 2015]: if you are interested there is a conversation about this on components in rails mailing list.

You can find a test app where I spiked this solution at:

I hope this helps others. Ciao.

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